Harriet Brocket’s passion for photography started at a young age and was heavily influenced by travel with her family. From the age of thirteen she was seldom seen without a camera. In 1993, having graduated in Languages for Business, she made her first solo trip around the world. Her journeys to exotic locations have all contributed to the body of her work and led her to her first solo exhibition in Mayfair, London in 2004.

Brocket’s career progressed into photojournalism. Her first book ‘A Hedonist’s Guide to… Moscow’, published in November 2005 earned her considerable praise, as being the first concise guide to this rapidly evolving dynamic city, relied upon by businessmen and visitors alike.

Harriet has lived and worked in Madrid and Buenos Aires and her love for the “Latino life” fuelled a long-term desire to see the real Cuba, which she so accurately captured in her ‘Cuban Pride’ exhibition in Central London and reflected in her book ‘Cuba: As Seen by Harriet Brocket in 2007’.

Brocket is married to writer and TV personality Lord Brocket, whose family home Brocket Hall is well known to most businesses and governments as an international conference and golfing venue. More recently the Brockets have formed a successful journalistic team to cover both travel and car subjects. The Brocket Duo honeymooned in India, which inspired Harriet’s ‘Expressions of India’ exhibition in 2008.

Two children followed by breast cancer have caused Harriet to take a pause from travelling and exhibiting, but was delighted to be ‘relaunch’ her career, collaborating with Kenny Laurenson and Gavin Aldred in the ‘Invisible City’ exhibition at The Piper Building, SW6 in 2015.

Harriet opened her CUBA 2017 exhibition at the World Launch of the new limited edition Cohiba cigar on 7th November. The exhibition can be seen from 8-30 November at Grace, Belgravia, 11c West Halkin Street, London, SW1X 8JL. Please contact to arrange a viewing.

Brocket’s images are atmospheric, thought provoking and evocative. Her use of light and composition creates an immediate intimacy between viewer and subject, heightened by her use of varying media from Giclée Fine Art Paper to ChromaLuxe, Perspex and LED lightbox.